Sweet Potato Casserole Lightened Up



Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving Day. It’s my favorite holiday of the year, partly due to the fact that it’s the least commercial. We can enjoy the pleasure of being with loved ones for the of the sake of their good company, no other reason—except the good food, of course! Members of TheRecipeRedux are sharing their memories of food from past Thanksgivings. You can visit the other sites by clicking on any of the links below for more memories.

As for most Americans, being with family at this time of the year is an important part of the holiday. It’s a time to reunite and just hang together. What has changed over the years is the food, at least at my house. When I was little I didn’t like much of the traditional meal. No cranberry sauce for me—no no. And hold the stuffing, please. Sweet potatoes? Well, ok, if there are lots of marshmallows on top. Mashed potatoes and gravy, yes please, and some of that turkey, and pumpkin pie, too. Those were then, and still are favorites.

Years back my mother changed Grandma’s recipe for cranberry sauce by adding orange to it, making it less acidic and more tasty. I also like to add walnuts, chopped pears and apples for more texture. Stuffing? That hasn’t changed but my taste buds have developed since I was little. These days there isn’t any food I don’t like at the Thanksgiving spread. The one food that . . . → Read More: Sweet Potato Casserole Lightened Up


Holiday Stuffed Squash

Holiday Stuffed Squash


Carnival Squash

As the holidays approach, I’m taking time off from the 38 Power Foods blog group, as are the other girls. Even though it is a bit early, I’m finding myself more in the mood for holiday foods. On Thanksgiving Day, I particularly enjoy eating the stuffing and I realized that there are rarely leftovers. This got me to thinking that I wanted it now, without delay. I didn’t want to bake a turkey because then I wouldn’t enjoy it next week when the relatives are in town to share in that special, once a year meal. But I wanted stuffing and it struck me that I’d never made stuffed squash. So, there I was with the problem resolved; this was a good reason to make it. Honestly, I’ve never been much a winter squash lover, but even Costco has gotten into the stuffed squash game. I figured it was time for me to give a try and share it here if it ended in a good result.

Stuffed squash recipes abound on the Internet. I took a look at three of them (1, 2, 3) to get a general idea of cooking times, seasonings, and oven temp, and then I was off and going. I drew heavily on my mother’s stuffing recipe, and as usual, I wanted to make the dish healthy, so I used turkey sausage instead of pork, and I omitted the butter from her recipe. You may gasp when . . . → Read More: Holiday Stuffed Squash