Spaghetti Puttanesca with Matchstick Zucchini




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Have you every noticed that there seems to be a day or a month for just about every thing? There’s Take Your Kid to Work Day, Secretary’s Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day. There are also month long celebrations, too. October happens to be National Pasta Month, so along with the Recipe Redux I am ready to cook up some pasta.

Let’s face it, pasta has been getting a bad rap lately. With the craze of the Paleo diet that eliminates starch, the new CDC diet recommendations calling for more vegetables, and more people eating a gluten free diet, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there is less space for carbs like pasta. Well, pasta is great! Why give up something that is so enjoyable to eat? Really. Whole grain pasta is a good source of tryptophan that helps convert to seritonin, which is key to fighting insomnia, depression, and irritability. And whole grains help a person to feel full longer.

My solution is to have the pasta and eat it too. Add some vegetables into the mix for a more balanced diet. In this way you still get the wonderful taste pasta, with all the of benefits of whole grains and vegetables.

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Healthy Turkey Bolognese – Inspired by Ina Garten



You may wonder what makes my recipe for Healthy Turkey Bolognese, inspired by Ina Garten, healthy. You can be sure that Ina’s recipe is delicious, but not only do I want to eat something delicious, I want something that’s healthy too! In this case, the cream and the beef in Ina’s original recipe had to go, as they both have a lot of saturated fat. Surely, there will be those who take a deep breath of relief to know I did not eliminate the parmesan cheese, but I did reduce it by half, again to reduce the amount of saturated fat. And by using flake parmesan cheese you can fool yourself into using less cheese, because just 5 or 6 beautiful flakes is about a teaspoon of cheese, or about 2.5% of your daily value of saturated fat (Foodfacts). I also like my Bolognese sauce a bit more on the saucy side, so this recipe has more sauce than Ina’s.

And by the way, this is Ina Garten First Friday of the month, when I and a group of bloggers come together to cook and blog about one of her recipes, or create a dish that is inspired by one of hers. This week we are cooking up a main dish and you can see what other bloggers have done today by clicking on the links below the recipe.


Servings: 8 Prep Time: 25 min Cook Time: 30 to 40 minutes



¾ pound ground . . . → Read More: Healthy Turkey Bolognese – Inspired by Ina Garten