Hot Cocomoka – Redux


Absolutely cannot believe it’s almost Christmas! And 2015 is just a couple of weeks away. Where did the year go! It’s also the 21st of the month which means it’s time for another recipe for the Recipe Redux blog group. Ho ho ho, but those girls have a sense of humor. This month the challenge is to redo a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks; the recipe must be from page 42, or 142. The book of choice? Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition which is my favorite all-round cookbook for the number and variety of recipes it has. I sometimes flip through it looking for inspiration or clarification.

Clam Chowder, one of my favorite soups, is on page 142 but I’ve already got a different clam chowder recipe on my blog, so that leaves page 42,—the beverage section. The more exciting recipe on the page is cocamoka, the mixing of two of my favorite beverages: coffee and hot cocoa. I don’t know about you, but I think it the two C’s make a great combo .

To lighten up this recipe I cut out the whip cream and use almond milk instead. Almond milk has only 30 calories per cup, as compared to full fat milk which has 150 calories per cup. I am also using decaf coffee granules, so you can enjoy this drink late at night without worrying if you’ll be able to sleep. I hope you enjoy this hot cocomoka!

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Apple Tart with No-Roll Crust

Apple Tart with No-Roll Crust. It’s so good and so easy!


I’ve made a recipe for apple tart with no-roll crust, because it’s time again for Ina First Friday, when a group of bloggers get together and blog a recipe they were inspired to make after seeing one of Ina Garten’s recipes. Each month the type of dish is rotated: appetizers; soup/salad/sides; main course; and desserts/other. This week it’s desserts.

Perplexed is the adjective I’d choose to describe how I feel when it comes to choosing a dessert to make. Some of you who have read my posts since I started blogging might remember that I made desserts without added sugar (anti-oxidant fruit salad, sugarplums, crepes with bananas an blackberries); but I began to add an occasional recipe low in sugar and fat when I realized that many of my readers want that type of recipe.

On the one hand, I feel like I’m caving in by not sticking to the principal that no sugar is the best policy, and that a person should enjoy natural sugars coming from foods like dates, raisins, dried apricots, etc. At least with these sweet foods you are getting fiber and nutrients. On the other hand, by providing tasty recipes reduced in fat and sugar, I feel like I’m being of service.

Today I am helping dessert lovers by posting this recipe for apple tart with no-roll crust. Inspired by Ina’s apple tart on Food Network—her food is great!—, I . . . → Read More: Apple Tart with No-Roll Crust

Zebra Pumpkin Cookies

These healthier Zebra Pumpkin Cookies got their stripes from chocolate. Yum!


My son Andrew said “Mom, when are you going to make some chocolate chip cookies?” He insisted for a couple of days until it finally entered my mind that I was going to make cookies. As it ended, Andrew didn’t get chocolate chip cookies on his plate—he got zebra pumpkin cookies. He looked down at them and said, “Why did you make those? I wanted chocolate chip cookies. I don’t like those.”

“Andrew, “ I said. “You’ve never tried these.”

“But I don’t like pumpkin.”

“Try one.”

After much staring out of the rim of his eyes, he picked up a cookie and bit into it. His eyebrows lifted and the corners of his mouth pulled up. “Oh, these are good. They’re so soft.”

The moral of the story: tigers never lose their stripes but zebra cookies do.

This week I discovered a new site called, which is a nice site for those wanting to learn how to bake because Stephanie, the site owner, posts videos of everything she bakes—though, I don’t think her recipes fall under the class of healthy. After reading her recipe for pumpkin cookies, I decided it was a good recipe for inspiration to create a healthy pumpkin cookie, because her recipe already has half the fat of most other cookies, and it uses oil instead of butter. I added in whole wheat pastry flour, reduced the amount . . . → Read More: Zebra Pumpkin Cookies