Hot Cocomoka – Redux


Absolutely cannot believe it’s almost Christmas! And 2015 is just a couple of weeks away. Where did the year go! It’s also the 21st of the month which means it’s time for another recipe for the Recipe Redux blog group. Ho ho ho, but those girls have a sense of humor. This month the challenge is to redo a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks; the recipe must be from page 42, or 142. The book of choice? Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition which is my favorite all-round cookbook for the number and variety of recipes it has. I sometimes flip through it looking for inspiration or clarification.

Clam Chowder, one of my favorite soups, is on page 142 but I’ve already got a different clam chowder recipe on my blog, so that leaves page 42,—the beverage section. The more exciting recipe on the page is cocamoka, the mixing of two of my favorite beverages: coffee and hot cocoa. I don’t know about you, but I think it the two C’s make a great combo .

To lighten up this recipe I cut out the whip cream and use almond milk instead. Almond milk has only 30 calories per cup, as compared to full fat milk which has 150 calories per cup. I am also using decaf coffee granules, so you can enjoy this drink late at night without worrying if you’ll be able to sleep. I hope you enjoy this hot cocomoka!

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Almond Milk Ice-Cream Sandwiches




Last week after making a luscious orange cream sauce with cashew milk called “Nothin’ Says Spring Better ‘n Berries ‘n Cream,” I decided to present one more recipe for the Spring Fling dairy free recipe contest sponsored byby ®So Delicious.

You may remember that back in March I made some flourless cashew butter chocolate chip cookies that I was raving about. Well, I really wanted to try the Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert made from almond milk by ®So Delicious, in an ice-cream sandwich. This time I made cookies with almonds. They are they same delicious dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free and vegan cookies, as the cashew butter cookies I made, but these are made with almonds. Until I started making flourless cookies I would never in my lifetime have imagined that flourless cookies could taste so good! But why not? Macaroons are good, and these are similar to macaroons—with egg, sugar and almonds. And by the way, if you have never tried a macaroon you must put that on your bucket list.

Another reason that these cookies are particularly good on these dairy-free cream sandwiches is that they are soft and chewy, perfect for biting into. From the time you sink your teeth into the cookie it’s a smooth ride down to the delicious frozen almond milk and then that pleasing thought comes to mind: ”Yeah, that’s what I wanted.”

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Blackberry Almond Smoothie – a Powerfood Beverage


This week I made a blackberry almond smoothie with 2 power foods: blackberries, and almond, as you might have guessed. It’s not the first time a smoothie has been posted here. There have also been Ph Green, Blueberry, and Swiss Chard, but this is the first time I’ve added a nut butter to the mix and it really makes a difference! The nut butter adds creaminess so instead of thinking you’re having a smoothie, it feels like you’re having soft ice-cream—so buttery and smooth. Bear in mind that this is the only smoothie I’ve added a sweetener to, but it is a much better option than ice-cream. This icy treat has no preservatives, it’s much lower in sugar than ice cream, it uses a natural sugar, and it’s got fiber, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium. The idea of adding nut butter came after seeing and making this awesome chocolate milkshake from You’ve got to try it!

In reference to a six-month study, James Clear wrote in an article for the Huffington Post that environment designs can have an influence on your eating habits. The study was done in a hospital cafeteria. No one said anything to the cafeteria customers, but the researchers place water in strategic locations throughout the cafeteria, making them more visible to customers. Soda sales dropped by 11.4% over a 3 month period and water sales rose by 25.8 percent. This is why grocers place the more expensive items at eye level in the . . . → Read More: Blackberry Almond Smoothie – a Powerfood Beverage