Recipe: Cocoa Oatmeal

Cocoa Oatmeal

Cocoa Oatmeal

If you told me a couple of years ago that I’d be eating oatmeal every day and enjoying it, I would have said, “Impossible.”  How can you eat the same thing every day and not get tired of it?

So, guess what –My husband and I eat oatmeal everyday and we enjoy it. It’s a heart healthy sugar-free breakfast that helps to lower cholesterol and it’s got a lot of fiber, which may help to prevent colon cancer. I use Coach’s Oats (no affiliation), as the glycemic index is lower than rolled oats and the cooking time is just 5-7 minutes, as compared to steel-cut oats.

To spice up the oatmeal, I add half a mashed banana per person, about 15 raisins, and then top it off with plenty of cinnamon, which is a great anti-inflammatory spice.Though I don’t tire of eating oatmeal, on some rare occasions my taste buds ask for something different. For these exceptional days I’ve come up with a cocoa oatmeal recipe; it’s delicious and there’s no sugar. According to Joy Bauer, writing for Today-MSNBC, cocoa powder has quercetin which is an anti-oxidant that acts as an anti-inflammatory. So don’t feel guilty when you eat this sugar-free tasty cocoa oatmeal.

The directions below are for making with Coach’s Oats. You can use your own brand of oatmeal. Just heat the milk separately first and then mix with the cocoa powder to dissolve it; and then, cook as usual.

Ingredients: (for 2 people)

Oatmeal – 2/3 cup

Nonfat milk – 2/3 cup

Water – 2/3 cup

Raisins – about 25 to 30

2 level tablespoons dark cocoa, or 3 tablespoons regular cocoa

Pinch salt

½ teaspoon vanilla

1 banana

*Optional toppings – 2 teaspoons orange zest, 1 tablespoon chopped nuts, 2 teaspoons unsweetened coconut

*Tip – For orange zest, peel the orange with a potato peeler and then mince the peel with a chef’s knife. Make sure to peel the orange without getting the white portion underneath the peel.


1.)  Heat the milk and then stir the cocoa power into the warm milk to dissolve it. Then cook the oatmeal with the water, cocoa milk, raisins and a pinch of salt until the oatmeal is tender, 5-7 minutes.

2.)  While the oatmeal is cooking, mash the banana well. When the cereal is ready add the vanilla extract, the mashed banana, and your choice of the optional toppings.


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