Soup Stock: Making Good Use of Leftover Bones


Soup from Stock

Soup from stock

Over the holiday week you may have gotten together with family or friends and you possibly ate roasted chicken, turkey, or beef roast. Roasts are easy to make and they can potentially feed a lot of people. But what do you do after the meal? If you are like most people, you pick the meat off the bones and then you throw the bones into the trash. Right? If this is you, then you’re missing a great meal that you could have had by making a stock from the bones, and then using the stock to make a satisfying homemade soup.

Stock is very easy to make. You throw some bones in a pot of water with a handful of vegetables, a couple of parsley stems, and a bay leaf. After it cooks for 1-1/2 hours you let it cool, and then strain it. Now you have the base of what may be a healthy, nutritious, and tasty soup. You can prepare hearty turkey, chicken, or beef soup –depending on the bones that you used.

Stock can be frozen in Pyrex glass containers that will not break in the freezer, and you can use it in sauces, soups, and in many Chinese dishes. I freeze stock in different size containers: small ones for sauce, or large ones for soup. Later when I want to make soup, I’ll pull container out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of days to thaw, or I’ll heat it directly in the microwave for immediate use. As it thaws, I’ll sauté a bit of onion in olive oil and then add other ingredients to the soup. Following, is a list of some foods to give you an idea of what you might add to the stock: tomato, mushrooms, spinach, Swiss chard, noodles, zucchini, bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, fish, bay leaf, oregano, basil, cooked rice, barley, or noodles. You can add whatever you like. Be creative.

Prep TIme:  5 minutes

Cooking Time:  1-1/2 hours

Yield:  3 quarts



½ turkey carcass, or 1 whole chicken carcass

1 8-quart stockpot filled with 6 quarts of water

1 carrot, washed and chopped into 1-inch size pieces

1 stick celery, chopped into chopped into 1-inch size pieces

½ onion chopped into large pieces

2 bay leaves


Place the ingredients into a 8-quart stockpot and fill with 6 quarts of water. Bring it to a simmer. After it has reduced by half the amount of water, about 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours, allow it cool and then strain it.

*Tip -For fat-free stock refrigerate the stock overnight so the fat solidifies on the of the liquid, then it can be skimmed off the top.