My Favorite Yoga App

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For iPhone


I have a new app for my iPad and I know that some of you who want to stay strong and healthy will thank me for telling you about it. The app’s name is Yoga Studio and you can download it from the I-Tunes store. It’s definitely my favorite yoga app.

On the app, classes are arranged by preset classes (Studio Classes), and classes you create (My Classes). In the preset area, you can choose beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels with a focus on strength, flexibility, relaxation, or a combination of all. Once you downloaded one of these classes it gets stored in the Studio, which has the visual list of classes you have taken or made, and you can view by your order, focus or duration

If you like a certain class but would like to edit it in order to add or subtract some poses, the program allows you to copy the class and then edit it to your liking. In the settings mode you can name your class, set the cover photo, the ability, focus and intensity.

You can Schedule a time and date for a future class in the calendar and receive a reminder before the class is to begin. It also highlights classes you have completed in green so you can see at a glance how many classes you have completed for the week or month.




Poses are listed with detailed instructions that can be searched for by name, type of posture, ability level, or focus area you want to work on.

Preset Classes

Preset Classes

What I love about this app are the soft ambient music, the beautiful HD video that flows seamlessly from one pose to the next, the ability to make my own classes, and the price—at $2.99 it’s quite a bargain. I highly recommend this yoga app to anyone who likes to use DVDs for home practice. And if you haven’t tried yoga, this may be the perfect time to start a new healthy  habit.