How to Keep Healthy Eating Habits on Vacation

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This is a guest post by Cole Millen.

After working so hard to eat right and to exercise, some people may feel anxious about how to keep healthy eating habits on vacation. Vacations are filled with temptations, and those who are not careful risk putting on a few pounds while away. However, being proactive can arm vacationers with the skills they need to avoid extra weight gain. Here are a few skills and strategies to consider.

Avoid Some Restaurant Trips

Eating out is an essential part of vacations, but there is no need to go to a restaurant for every meal. By bring along some healthy snacks, vacationers can make sure that they are not starving every time they sit down for a meal. In addition, a trip to a local grocery store or health store can allow vacationers to eat at their hotels for a few meals. Doing so will make it easier to avoid eating excessive calories, and it will also save vacationers some money. Vacationers will also want to avoid one of the most dangerous temptations of staying in a hotel: the minibar. By refusing the minibar key and bringing along snacks, vacationers can avoid the calorie-rich food and drinks contained in their minibar.

Keep Exercising

Fortunately, most vacations make it easy to exercise. By walking to destinations instead of taking taxis or other forms of transportation, it is possible to burn calories. In addition, walking often gives vacationers access to sites that are rarely seen by visitors. As more people become aware of the importance of exercise, more opportunities for fun forms of exercise are now available. Morning jog on the beach can be invigorating, and a guided tour of an area can help vacationers burn some calories.

Plan a Stategy

One strategy vacationers may wish to use is to decide where they will eat before going on vacation. By finding menus online and determining what you will order, you can help yourself avoid the temptation of eating too much while dining out. Planning beforehand can also help you research how many calories are in particular meals. Reading reviews of restaurants and finding healthy alternatives in areas like the Las Vegas Restaurants, where buffets are plentiful, can be the difference maker in a healthy week. Eating at restaurants is important while on vacation, and it is possible to enjoy delicious meals without eating too many calories.

Fortunately, companies are finding a some ways to help those looking to control their weight stay healthy. As a result, those who travel to popular vacation destinations will find options available to help. With a bit of research, vacationers can ensure that they do not pack on extra pounds while away.


Cole Millen, an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.” Some people plan a trip to “get away,” while others realize benefit of adding something greater to their current repertoire of knowledge, thought and emotion. Through my writings, I hope to influence the earlier, and connect with the latter.