Enjoy Healthy Eating in Barcelona!

Barcelona - La Boquería

Barcelona – La Boquería



Good food, great weather and interesting cultural visits made last weekend in Barcelona more than memorable. Travel writer, Angie Picardo has written an informative piece about eating healthy in Barcelona. This is a city of many options where always helps to have reliable and informative references. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



¡Bienvenidos a Barcelona! Catalan cuisine is among the richest and most colorful in the world. But if you are traveling to Barcelona, it can be intimidating to look for healthy eating options. When you first arrive, you will be greeted by cakes, pastries, croissants, and greasy tapas. Even though it might seem like Barcelona’s cuisine contains pants-tightening delicacies, Barcelona is equally famous for its healthy foods! You can find healthy eating options anywhere — from restaurants to farmers’ markets to street vendors.


Start your trip off right by heading to La Mercat de La Boqueria. Located at Rambla de Sant Josep, the market has fresh produce that could easily make a delicious and healthy breakfast. The market, originally established in the early 19th century, is one of the liveliest markets in Spain. It is widely known for its large variety, healthy options, fair prices, and exotic selection.


Spanish cuisine is centered on lunch, which is usually around 3 p.m., so you are sure to find some great, healthy eating choices in the afternoon. Try out La Mar Salada for a refreshing and classy dining experience. The restaurant offers some light and finely crafted entrées, which can be paired with one of their many fine wines. The restaurant is known to use fresh, organic ingredients and can be found near the beautiful waters in La Barceloneta.


Anyone experiencing Spanish cuisine for the first time must try tapas! La Clara is an upscale restaurant with excellent service, elegant decor, and most importantly, healthy foods. The menu has over 50 options, so there will undoubtedly be something for everyone. La Clara serves over 30 traditional tapas with an innovative presentation. You can sample exotic foods at La Clara, including lamb brains! You may also enjoy their extensive wine list.


Usually, pastries are not exactly what you think of when you think healthy. However, the Lujuria Vegana specializes in making your favorite desserts healthy. With fruit, organic ingredients, and low-fat and fat-free dairy products, the pastries are among the healthiest in the city. In addition, they are to die for! Their

Excelsior cake is one of their most popular items; its tasty hazelnut sponge cake is made with all-natural ingredients and is coated with a light, decadent layer of 53% chocolate mousse. They also have a delectable gluten-free option known as the Coulant cake. Similar to a chocolate lava cake, it is made of a moist chocolate cake and rich dark chocolate icing and filled with molten chocolate that flows out when warm.


If you are looking for an especially figure-friendly meal, there are many vegetarian and vegan restaurants scattered around Barcelona. Arco Iris, located on Roger de Flor, is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants for lunch in Barcelona. It serves four course meals at great prices. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the restaurant, the waiting line can get a bit long; however, as many of the customers believe, it is well worth the wait!

Juicy Jones is another great option for vegetarians or people who want to eat healthy while in Barcelona. Juicy Jones serves some great healthy juices, smoothies, and extremely healthy vegan options. Plus, Juicy Jones lets you grab a bite to eat if you are in a hurry with a take-out option, making it the healthiest fast food restaurant in Barcelona.

As you’re planning your trip to Barcelona, whether for business or pleasure, be sure to add these wonderful places to your must-see list! Even during a trip out of the country, you can still maintain your healthy, balanced diet at a rich, cultural city like Barcelona. Enjoy the sightseeing — and your health — anywhere you go!


Angie Picardo is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance and travel site dedicated to helping people live better by mastering the art of money management, from eating healthy on a budget to developing a good investment strategy.