Anne-Sophie Pic – 50 Women Game Changers – #28

Anne-Sophie Pic is the subject the 50 Women Game Changers, week 28, who were outlined in Gourmet Online. Mary at One Perfect Bite and the group of bloggers I joined are profiling these important women cooks and chefs, and writing about these women is a fun and an educational experience. You see a range of cooking backgrounds, styles, temperaments, business sense, and experience. The one thing that these dynamic women have had in common up until this week, is that they have literature in English, either in the form if a blog or a book. While Anne-Sophie Pic does have several books listed on Amazon, they are all in French, and I find it surprising that a book titled Recettes pour tous les jours, (Recipes for Every Day, or Every Day Recipes) written by Michelin three star French chef, has not been translated to English. After you read her biography I’m sure that you’ll be surprised too.

Not wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps, Anne-Sophie wanted something for herself, so she studied management in the US and Japan, following with an internship with Cartier and Möet Chandon, but her genes proved stronger. She is the great-granddaughter, of Sophie, the woman who began the path into the kitchen that her descendants would follow. Sophie’s son, André modernized the menu and moved the restaurant from Saint-Péray to Valance and earned the restaurant three Michelin stars. His son Jacques re-earned the restaurant three stars after they had been lost during World War Two, and the restaurant maintained the three star rating from 1973 until 1995.

Anne-Sophie returned to France at the age of 23 to begin her apprentice with her father, but he died shortly after. She married David Sinapian and together they took over the reins of the restaurant Le Maison Pic. He runs the business and she the kitchen. In 2007 she earned the Michelin three star rating, becoming the fourth French woman ever to achieve the honor. And most recently Anne-Sophie Pic was awarded “Best Chef of the Year Award” from S. Pellegrino, choosing her from among the 50 top restaurants in the world. Currently, Ann-Sophie and her husband run La Maison Pic, and Le 7, along with a hotel and gift shop. For more reading you may enjoy the following articles from:  The French Wench and from The luxury Traveler.