7 Health Benefits of Mint – my favorite is #6

7 Health Benefits of Mint


The other day as I was thinking of writing a post about tips for losing weight I came across a couple of articles about mint and decided to write about mint instead. Mint has long been known for it’s uses in cooking. You can check out a couple of my delicious recipes that use mint here: sweet potatoes with apples and mint, and grilled lamb chops with yogurt mint sauce, but mint also has many beneficial properties for health and grooming. There are many purposes for this herb—too many to outline here. The following are just 7 health benefits of mint:

  1.  Breathe Easier – Have you ever seen people inhaling steam when they have a cold or congestion? This is a traditional medicine cure to help clear symptoms of cold and congestion. The procedure is to make an herbal steam bath by pouring boiling water over herbs in a bowl and then covering your head with a towel, closing your eyes, and leaning in over the bowl to breathe in the steam through the nose for 5 to 10 minutes. See these suggested recipes at LovetoKnow.com. Dr. Joseph Mercola says mint is a good expectorant and decongestant. He suggests rubbing the essential oil on your chest to clear congestion, or inhaling it through a vaporizer to relieve cough and cold symptoms (Mercola).
  2. Muscle Pain – Peppermint extract can be used to rub into sore muscles. Simply rub the extract into the muscles to relieve the pain.
  3. Mint to Lose Weight –In an article for Lifehacker, Mikael Cho wrote that he had the tendency to overeat at meals so he used mint to help suppress his appetite after the meal. He chewed on a piece of gum because the mint acts as a natural suppressant. His reasoning for this comes from a study at the University of West Virginia which found that people in the experiment who inhaled mint throughout the day consumed about 3000 less calories per week. At Livestong.com Erin Beck suggests that mint tea may cause some people to loss weight because it reduces bloating.
  4. Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Healthy – Have you ever noticed how clean your teeth feel after chewing on mint gum or brushing your teeth with mint flavored toothpaste? Tip #2 was the lead into tip #3 because when you’re chewing on that piece of mint gum after your meal the mint helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  5. Help Relieve the Symptoms of IBS – Mint seems to be a safe and effective way of treating Irritable Bowel Symptom, a disease which symptoms may include abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation. Dr. Mercola points out that some doctors use Peppermint oil capsules as drug of first choice in IBS patients (Mercola).
  6. Headaches – This is my favorite use for mint. I don’t get headaches very often but now when I do I reach for a Mygra Stickwhich is a peppermint and lavender extract roll-on that works quickly to relieve or clear my headache symptoms. I roll in on the temples and behind the ears works fast at making me feel better. Next time you have a stress headache instead of taking aspirin try dabbing mint extract on the temples
  7. Reduce Stress – Next time you get all worked up take a whiff of mint extract. It works to cool and energize you. Dr. Mercola suggests taking a bath and putting a few drops of mint into the water, or putting the essential oil on an herbal oil burner to relieve the symptoms of stress.

Have you found mint to improve your well-being in any area? Tell me about it in the comment section below. I like to keep track of these things. In fact I’ve started my own little book of folk remedies, so please let me know how you are using mint, or any other herb that you take comfort from.