10 Ways to Exercise While Sailing the Seven Seas

This week I’m taking advantage of the Austin Gambino’s kind offer to write an informative guest article about some of the many exercise options when traveling on a cruise liner. I will be back next week with a delicious light dish for summer. I’d also like to take a moment to express my sorrow for the pain suffered by the families and friends of the victims involved in the train accident in Spain on Wednesday, July 24th.



By Austin Gambino, The Cruise Web Team


Healthy eating habits are most effective when paired with healthy living and exercise. This is especially important while on vacation – a time when many people seem to forget about taking care of their bodies. The good news: exercising and staying in shape while on a cruise vacation is easier than you think. Don’t believe it? Here’s 10 ways you can exercise while sailing the seven seas.


10. Rock Climbing Wall

Challenging yourself while adding another experience on your unforgettable vacation is always a fantastic idea, and the rock climbing wall is a great place to do so. Not only will you get a great upper body workout, but you’ll have the bragging rights of the top of the wall when you succeed. Many cruise lines have made this a standard on their new ships, so just ask your travel agent what your options are while you are in the cruise planning process.


9. Swimming (Onboard and Ashore)      

Did you ever wonder why swimmers have such fantastic bodies? Probably not. Swimming is well known to be a superb full-body workout, and it also happens to be refreshing and cool as well. Most cruise ships offer an onboard swimming pool, so a pre-supper swim is a great idea, or even a late night dip. If you’re cruising to the Caribbean, you can get your swimming exercise in the marvelous, clear waters while basking in the sun.


8. Shore Excursions

Whether you’re looking for a high or low level of fitness, there’s a shore excursion for everyone. Shore excursions are a phenomenal way to get off the ship, get your juices flowing, and discover the wonders of your destination. There’s exercise involved in many cruise excursions, whether it be a trek through the outback in Australia, a hike through the vineyards of France, or a golfing excursion in the beautiful Bermuda. Speak with your cruise consultant about what cruise excursions are the best fit for you and your destination.


7. TRX

You may not have heard of TRX, but it’s a newer form of exercise that’s offered fleetwide on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Using ropes, suspension, and resistance, you can get a high-level workout on your cruise ship and have a great time doing it.


6. FlowRider

If you’re not into serious workouts on your cruise vacation, there are plenty of options for fun exercise, such as Royal Caribbean’s FlowRider. If you can’t find your balance so well on the actual seven seas, you can try an onboard surfing experience in this sloped pool with fun waves, perfect for some hilarious memories and some great exercise.


5. Bikes/Ellipticals

Hey, not everyone can hang ten. For those of you who enjoy a leisure exercise option with a great view, head to the cruise ship fitness center for some good old-fashioned cardio. Most ships offer some sort of cardiovascular fitness option, such as bikes and ellipticals, and they are a simple, easy way to get some onboard exercise.


4. BYOE (Bring Your Own Exercise)

 If you happen to be onboard a cruise ship with limited fitness options, you can always bring your own! Put together a core workout plan that you can do with little or no equipment, or a stretching activity set you can perform in whatever open space you may find on the deck.  Don’t be surprised if you see other DIYers doing Yoga, Tai Chi and other routines on deck with you.


3. Zumba

Zumba is all the rage with exercisers of all ages, so why not enjoy one of the most exciting forms of fitness while on your cruise vacation? Latin dance moves, body-shaking rythym, and a whole lot of smiles are a great way to get your onboard fitness. Princess Cruises actually offers free Zumba classes around the ship during their journeys, so if you’re cruising Princess, it’s definitely a form of exercise to look into.


2. Ropes Course

Similar to the rock-climbing wall mentioned above, ropes courses are a terrific way to challenge yourself and get a great workout. First offered by Carnival Cruise Lines, ropes courses have become super popular in the cruising industry and the largest to date is offered onboard Norwegian’s brand-new Breakaway, which has been said to be quite the challenge!


1.    Water Sports

While cruising the seven seas, why not do some exercise in them? Both Windstar and Seabourn offer retractable sports marinas for all types of water sports on their ships. You can try sailing, jet skiing, water-skiing, tubing, kayaking, windsurfing, and more.


As you can see, there are a myriad of ways to exercise and stay fit while on a cruise vacation. But, these are only some of the many options you may have available, depending on your cruise line and destination. Be sure to speak with your cruise travel agent about what options are available or even a fitness-themed cruise if you’re serious about your fitness. If you’d like to be connected with a cruise consultant, or learn more about cruise fitness, visit The Cruise Web.


Did we miss one of your favorite ways to exercise while cruising? Tell us what we missed in the comments below!