Great Tips to Clean Kitchen Tile

Great Tips to Clean Kitchen Tile



Normally, I would never have considered writing a post about floor cleaning. This is a food blog, after all. But I’m sure you know how difficult it can be to keep kitchen floors clean. There can be grease buildup, calcium stains, dirty grout, water spots, and food residue buildup. Ugh! Recently, I cleaned my floors and was shocked at how clean they got. Unfortunately, there are no before and after pictures because I wasn’t thinking of doing this as a post, but later, I decided I had to share these great tips to clean kitchen tile with you. The secret weapons? Oxiclean and a 10-inch grout brush on a pole.

A couple of years ago I burned a pot so badly that after scrubbing and scrubbing I considered throwing it away because so badly burnt. As a last resort I soaked the pot overnight with Oxiclean and water. The next morning the burned area lifted off the pot and washed out of the pan when I rinsed it with water. A miracle! So after trying regular floor cleaner with a poor outcome, I turned to the Oxiclean and got an awesome results on the tile and grout.

The 10-inch grout brush seems to be a well guarded secret because I’d never heard of, or seen one. You probably won’t see one at Lowe’s or Home Depot, either. I had to order it online. Wow, does it ever work! I learned about this brush from a tile and grout expert who came out to the house to give an estimate, that was before I decided to clean the floors myself. (There were 325 reasons I decided to do it myself —ching ching.) Back to the point, the brush is made especially for cleaning grout and it will blow you away when you see the results. Placing the brush on a long pole saves you from getting down on you knees and getting back pains and achy knees.

To clean the floor, pour the Oxiclean and water mixture onto the floor and let it sit 5 to 15 minutes before cleaning the grout lines. After five minutes have passed, brush the grout in long strokes about 4 feet in length in a series of six back and forth strokes. Follow by cleaning the floor with a scrub brush connected to a pole, and you might want to go over stubborn areas twice. After this, mop up the soapy water, discard it, and follow with a clean water mopping. (I also used a spin mop which helps to cut down the time it takes to wring the mop.)

This process is for cleaning dirty floors; it’s not for the typical daily or weekly mopping. Too bad about the pictures, but believe me. It works!

Amazon links: Oxiclean, grout brush, spin mop, scrub brush, pole.


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